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Posted on: February 1, 2008

I am thinking of everything coffee…iced lattes, coffee beans at the fragrance counter (sometimes the coffee is the best fragrance there!), relatively hot peppermint mochas, Mocha Almond Fudge ice cream, Starbucks, Tully’s, my BIG round mug FILLED with strong java….

Okay, I admit it, I am a coffee fiend. But, it wasn’t always so. I loved the aroma of coffee. Sometimes, I would even brew a pot of coffee, just to fill my home with its aura. Then, dump it down the drain. I had tried spiking it with everything known to man, short of alcohol, to no avail. Each sip was culinary torture. Until I took a trip to Seattle, and there my java history began in earnest! I had been mixing too much in to the pure bean concoction. I found I needed the pure coffee–well, a bit sweetened with a touch of liquid cream (no powder, thank you…I avoid floating clumps in my refreshments).

Ahhhh, and so it began. First with the Mr. Coffee drip, drip, drip; then the occasional visits to Seattle’s Best Coffee; then a coffee maker with a grinder!! (wooooooo!); and the (more than occasional) visits to Starbucks or Tully’s. For the first month, I felt a lot like this…though I tried to act cool.

Ohhh, wait a minute while I wipe the tears from my eyes. That’s great! I don’t bother with the tall stuff, myself. Go straight for the VENTI, baby! Only a month ago, I could go without guilt to my local Starbucks drive thru and order any one of my VENTI faves, pay the barista, and drive off, sipping the delectable nectar of the bean. Now, an insidious creature has crept into my life and the lives of my family, disrupting our comfort and blissful state FOREVER…. It is called “The Budget”–specifically from the Dave Ramsey variety of viruses. Oh yes, this should help us to be financially worry free in a few DECADES (did I mention I am prone to exaggeration?), but until then I have to PLAN my impromptu Starbucks visits (yeah, that’s fun) into my budget, thus cutting them waaaaaay back. I have noticed a comfy full feeling in my purse that I don’t mind getting used to. In between times, I’ll just chew on a coffee bean to get by. Oh, and I am ordering grande now; ain’t that grand?


5 Responses to "Coffee…coffee…ummmmm…yeah…."

Hi there this is Monkey Giggles. I had a hard time leaving a comment here. I signed in to wordpress under my “test blog” Junk in my trunk. My active blog is

Welcome to bloggy land. Enjoy the ride. There are wonderful people you will meet.

Thank you for stopping by my blog. Your comment was very sweet and please tell your friend that I love her starbuck ‘s you tube video. Has she read some of the comments? I have gotten several happy emails as well about this video. Is your email listed here on your blog?
Sorry for the loooooong comment.

Anyway, you have a wonderful blog here. I love your style of writing.

I will be back to visit again

Happy Night


Came over here after reading your comment at Pioneer Lady. Enjoy your blogging! And oh yes, I understand the need for coffee…just came from Target & love the fact that it has it’s own Starbucks!! Cafe Mocha Frappacino for me!!

Laura 🙂

Thanks for the comment, Laura! I love Pioneer Lady–she is great, isn’t she?!? I am happy you enjoy my blogging…hope you can visit again.

Isn’t it great that all of these stores will support our habit? Safeway and Albertson’s does, too! My oldest dd loves the Carmel Frappacino. When I am being good, I order the SF FF Vanilla Latte–only calories are skim milk! But, that is not a regular order… 🙂

Thanks again! Great to hear from you! Hope to see you hear again, soon!



Hey, I am the QUEEN of long comments, so no worries there! Thanks for coming and for your comments. I hope I am making it easier to see my blog and to comment.


Ha, now I am really laughing! I just posted a link to this video on your first posting… too funny!

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