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Whoa…no pressure here!

Posted on: February 1, 2008

Hi, everyone!

I did it. Against my better judgment, I did it. Where is my willpower, I ask you?? I survived high school and past without succumbing, but here I am, giving in. I gave in to…to…PEER PRESSURE. What was I supposed to do, really? I mean, I have been dieing to post a link to *my* blog each time I comment on someone else’s! So, here I am. Pretty much selfishly. Yep, I’m laying it all on the line here. I just want to be with the cool kids, so here I am!

In addition to being a spineless-blog-reader-who-just-wants-a-blog-to-call-her-own kinda person, I also have hopes and dreams–yea, aspirations for this blog. I enjoy writing–writing humorous can-you-believe-what-happened-to-me type stories. (I also LOVE dashes, ellipses, and parenthetical phrases, so get used to it, okay? I thought about joining a self-help group, but this is easier.) I am hoping there are people out there (hi, mom!) who enjoy reading these kinds of things. If not, I will cry in my Fruity Pebbles and come back for more (blogging, that is–not Fruity Pebbles–unless I am really hungry).

About me…I am a wife of a minister and firefighter (one guy-two hats; he’s a hat guy), mom to three great kids (two teens and a tween), homeschooler (love it, mostly, talk to me tomorrow…), photographer (get ready!), Christian (highest priority), and a magnet for unexplainable events. Really. Truly.

I grew up in the Midwest and graduated from high school when perms were popular and leg warmers were a fashion must. Lots of fodder, there, hmmmm?

I am looking forward to a long blogging relationship. And hopefully better posts.


12 Responses to "Whoa…no pressure here!"

Well, welcome to the community!

What a great first-ever post! Thanks for visiting my blog — though, by the way, you didn’t leave a link back to yours!!

I also grew up in the Midwest. Homeschooled our 3 kiddos. And drink way too much coffee. Hopefully you scooted over and registered to win the bag of Starbucks!

Welcome to blogdom!!! have fun with it

You are so in. All your blog needs now is a pair of legwarmers and you will be the most popular girl ever. ;^P

What would legwarmers look like on a blog anyways?

Well, I just wanted to say that I had to laugh so hard at your comment on my blog and thank you for the “get well soon” wishes. Baby is fine.

No one ever came up with the idea to translate my blog with babelfish! I bet that was funny!!!

Scrap the leg warmers, go for the ear muffs!

No! No! No! I will not give in, no matter how many blogs you dangle in front of my homework-bleary eyes. Talk to me in 15 months, though. This looks like fun.

Btw, I NEVER had leg warmers!

Hi, all!

I am not sure if protocol dictates that I should respond on MY blog or on the commenter’s blog, so if anyone wants to direct me, I will listen. 🙂

So far, I have tried to visit everyone’s blog who has one and leave a comment on theirs. There are some great, fun, and creative blogs out there! Great to get in touch with them! I will have to learn German, though, to get the most of anitz’s. Babelfish only goes so far, and I’m afraid that is to the edge of confusion. 🙂

Also, leg warmers are pretty doggone cool, you know. But earmuffs have a draw to them too, don’t you think, Kim? *wink, wink* I think the muffs would be better in these times that I am not in Pep Club anymore, looking to be on the drill team, so my legs are properly covered in the chill, thank you.

Sharon, thanks for coming and commenting! It gives me a real thrill to see one more comment on a blog I wrote. I will remember this, too, because I have lurked at so many blogs, because I didn’t think I had anything worthwhile to say. Just saying hello, good luck, I enjoyed it, would be worth it. A lurker no longer is my motto. What’s the motto with you? Ha ha ha ha ha!

Ukrainiac–thanks for the link to the free coffee entry! Coffee is great and when it is free it is phenomenal!! Um, we have a lot in common–Midwest, homeschool 3 kids…is there a parallel dohickey going on here?!?

And, Kim…you know you will be back…it’s only a matter of time!!!! The draw is too great…..

Thanks again, everyone! I hope you continue to visit, enjoy, and comment!!


Golly, you did it again! Kurt has been blogging for a year, so I congratulated him with a post… and now he has a congratulation from you too!

About comments: normally I comment the comments left on my blog on my blog (or direct through the e-mail link). I have returned to your blog because: you are new, so perhaps you do not know how the dashboard works… (but you will learn!) and you do not speak German, so the probability of you returning to my blog… well, I was wrong at that!

Babelfish is lousy, but it has provided for a few laughs for us! 😉

And talking about coffee, I have a video (hit that bold faced word video, it will link to the video!) on my blog, in ENGLISH, so you may enjoy it. The wee bit of German at the beginning says: I do not drink coffee, hence I have never been to this coffee shop, but I find the video just too funny… and well made, can I make one like that?

I asked if I can make one like that, because I also posted a video that I made with my kids

So, having said that, I have not even taken the time to see if you have posting anything NEW, so off I go!

For some reason the link to my kids video did not work…
Here is my second attempt.

anitz–Thanks for the advice…I appreciate it. The coffee video is great, isn’t it? I have it posted here, too! I cannot believe her editing–the cup moves even while she is talking without much of a glitch. Amazing.

Loved your video of Herman the Worm! He looks like he is a secret agent for the snail society, as well. 🙂

Thanks again. I will keep going to your site and holding to the few phrases I can grasp! Maybe I will ask some of my friends who speak German…. My daughter spent some time in Germany with her choir and also went there while she visited a friend in Austria. She loves Germany and the German language. She wants to go back again.

Thanks again for your encouragement!

Welcome to the blogosphere!

I also went to high school with a perm and leg warmers. Not a pretty sight!

Llama Momma (love your name, btw!),

I still get warm fuzzies when I think about shopping at The Limited after allowance and payday!

Thanks for visiting!

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