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I would LOVE to do this…anybody with me?!?

Posted on: February 3, 2008

This prank looks just too cool!

Thought you would enjoy it!


5 Responses to "I would LOVE to do this…anybody with me?!?"

Yeah…much easier this time around to leave a comment.

A friend of mine sent that video to me this week. VERY COOL. Wish I could have been there too.


opp still shows as junkinmytruck…..but really I am Monkey Giggles. Silly isn’t it?


That’s okay…whenever I see junk in my trunk I will think of you. 🙂

I am trying to think of 207 people I know that would be willing and able to meet at a designated place to FREEZE!

Thanks for stopping by again!

Wasn’t that the coolest! I would love to have done that!

Amazing that they all held their positions for the full time — I’m afraid that I would start to giggle or something. Very cool to see, though!

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