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Christmas music/video in February? This is worth it!

Posted on: February 5, 2008

Okay, I know this is probably horribly redundant, because everyone (or at least 7,374,803 people, approximately) has seen this youtube video, but I just HAD to post it.  I found it forever ago on *someone’s* blog I frequent.  I can’t remember whose blog it was, though.  I know Nan posts some great ones (like the freezing one I snagged a couple of days ago–sorry I didn’t credit you like I meant to!), but I didn’t find it on her site.  

Anyway, this is great men’s accapella group singing a…well, a holiday-type song.  Even though Christmas is past, this still is a great view.  Patience is not one of my claimed virtues, so I didn’t want to wait another 10 months to post this!  🙂

Thanks for watching!  Hope you enjoyed it!


2 Responses to "Christmas music/video in February? This is worth it!"

Hey I could enjoy that anytime of the year. Thanks for sharing.

I posted that in December — after discovering it on quite a few blogs. Just a great video! You might have found it in any number of places…

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