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Happy Arizona Statehood Day!

Posted on: February 15, 2008

(with a nod to a friend who keeps prodding me to BLOG!)

Yes, today is Arizona Statehood Day…at least for a few more minutes. So, if you are tired of Valentine’s Day (which I am NOT) then celebrate Arizona Statehood Day! You can celebrate in any way you feel led–although, given this time of year in Arizona, something active and outdoorsy would be perfect! (Sorry to all of you in freeze conditions…we are having a great time here…check back in mid-summer and see how we’re doing!)

I have been away for quite a while…I know, I know! I never write; I never call–I have worried you sick, haven’t I? I am so very, truly sorry. I have been quite busy lately


****Hmmmm, interesting, and vaguely disturbing…I don’t know what happened here!  I had much more to this post and it VANISHED.  (Call in Columbo, pronto…I love that guy!  Or maybe Shawn Spenser–he’s funny on the previews, don’t know about the show, though.  I’ll stick with Columbo…pretend you are shlumpy and slow, then go in for the booking!)  So, I wrote another post to take the place of the missing piece…although it will never be gone from my heart…sniff, sniff.****

Now, back to your regularly scheduled blogramming….

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