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Huh? What did you say? I’ll take three…

Posted on: April 6, 2008

Hello bloggie friends! You *are* still my friends, aren’t you??
I have been distracted for a while, eh? Sorry about that,
Chief! (Bonus–who utters that masterful quote?) Well, I am back,
even if just for today. I went to Egypt and Israel and back…
great stories and photos to share someday soon…and now I am on
another trip, visiting my hometown.

Earlier, I visited Ree’s site and read some of the comments after
another one of her awesome “Name This Photo” contests. The winner
was very clever and quite adept at incorporating pop-culture
into her witty titles. This one was heavily influenced by a
favorite TV show of all time…The Dukes of Hazzard!

Ah, c’mon, how many of you wanted to be Daisy Duke? I know I
did…now I shudder…Anyway, one blogger with great knowledge
sent my world hurtling down by revealing the bumbling sheriff
isn’t actually named Rosco Pico Train. *sigh* The truth hurts.
He is actually named Rosco P. Coletrane. What a crash…I mean
Pico is a cool name…I’da stayed with that, myself.

So, that reminded me…just yesterday I was listening to an
older gentleman talk about some historical figures and family
members who had an impact upon his life. He specifically said,
“R. Ruitts influence our lives and are important to look back on
from time to time.” I was confused…not only by his deplorable
lack of grammar knowledge, but also because I had never heard of
this influential being named “R. Ruitts”. I leaned to my
husband and asked who this R. Ruitts was. He looked at me,
puzzled, and just repeated his name, R. Ruitts. I said, “Yes,
I know what his name is, but WHO is he? What did he do that we
should look back upon??” This went back and forth a bit–much to
my frustration and my husband’s amusement. Finally, he made
sweeping motions with his hands and enunciated carefully….

“O-U-R R-O-O-T-S!”

Ahhh, I guess I have been away from the midwest accents too
long, eh?

Be back soon! Have a great day and let me know what’s on
your mind! Have you ever misheard anything?? I would love
to hear from you!


4 Responses to "Huh? What did you say? I’ll take three…"

Grrr…this post came out that you have to scroll from left to right to read it! I can’t change it, so think of it as needed exercise for your mouse manipulation skills. A public service, if you will. 🙂


I’m sorry I was the one to burst your Roscoe Pico Train Bubble. LOL Isn’t it hilarious though, now that you know what it really is? I still laugh my butt off about it. Oh, and I mishear things ALL the time. Lord help us if your husband and my husband get together and swap stories.

Glad to see you back. Looking forward to the pictures of your trip(s)!

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