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Hey, all! I have decided that my two lives must stay separate in my blog world. I want my Journeys area to be free from the cacophony of couponing and freebies and giveaways. So, I have started a new blog specifically for my newest addiction….

Please, pop on over and tell me what you think. My stat counter is pretty low right now…uh, stagnate would be the proper term. 🙂

If there is an AWESOME deal that I cannot keep to myself, I will post a blurb referring you to the Chronicles of a Couponer site, but otherwise, you are safe from the savings.

My dad tells my kids “Friendly Bear” stories.  He started them when my 18 year old daughter was just 2 or younger.  He makes up these wonderfully colorful and imaginative stories about the kids and their adventures with the Friendly Bear.  Some of them are rather macabre…like the one where it is raining and **little child** is getting wet.  Well, **little child** really wants to play board games with her friends that are with her, but there is no shelter, let alone games, because they are lost in the woods!  Friendly Bear gives a suggestion and UNZIPS his  belly and they all climb in  to a cozy wood paneled living room with a fireplace, hot chocolate and games.  They play until they are tired, the rain has stopped, and the Friendly Bear has walked them to their homes, so they aren’t lost anymore!!!!

My youngest is 10 and still asks grandpa for FB stories (I think more to make Grandpa feel good than anything).  We have a little 5 year old neighbor girl that comes over for the stories, too.  My parents stay with us during the winter…my dad is almost 86 years old.  We have videotaped some. It is really neat to see the kids through the years with my dad.  I know they will treasure this in the years to come.

Great memories.

I also remember my grandma (my dad’s mom) living with us when she couldn’t live at home anymore.  I was afraid of thunderstorms, so when one was a’rollin’, I would run to grandma’s room and she would read or sing to me.  I still was afraid of the house-shaking thunder, but being with grandma made it easier.

Ahhh, warm fuzzies.  What a great way to start the day!

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