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Me, myself, & I

So…since you clicked on this tab, I am assuming you want to know a bit about me.

Alrighty-then!  Let’s get going!

  • Born in the Midwest and lived in the same home with the same (still-married) parents until I got married.
  • My only sibling is sixteen years older than me–pretty cool for me, eh?
  • I married stinkin’ young and my kids better never think that gives them the license to do the same!!
  • I married a great man, so the young part was not terribly wise, but not a terrible mistake.  In fact, our marriage is a wonderful blessing and I thank God each day for the family I have.
  • Enough mush for now….
  • I have three kids that are great, smart, kind, and play well with others.  Oh yeah, and they are annoying, tattling, hilarious, gassy, conniving, generous, sweet, responsible, irresponsible, beautiful, sleepy, teenagers & a tween.  Yeah, a real conglomeration of life and they are wonderful.
  • What’s going on with the mush??
  • I have two dogs, an old yellow lab and a younger-but-getting-old black lab–greatest dogs EVER.  Also we have two cats; one is a beautiful calico who hunts like a lioness and  the other is a Himalayan who has no fear but flip-flops and knows everyone and everything (including dogs and vehicles!) should love her because she just IS.  Obviously the Himalayan does not go outdoors.
  • My husband is a minister and a firefighter.
  • I graduated high school in the late ’80’s.
  • I am a photographer and love it.
  • I am a stay-at-home-mom; go ahead, ask me what I do with my time.  😉
  • I homeschool my kids–my oldest has been taking college classes for a while now–her homeschooling is lighter than it was, my younger two are still full-time.
  • I love cooking; despise cleaning (a necessary evil, I say).
  • I am a Sunday School teacher.
  • I am a fair flautist and like to sing.
  • Most of all, I am trying to be the woman God wants me to be, step-by-step.

Thanks for visiting!  Hope you enjoy your stay!

4 Responses to "Me, myself, & I"

For the right price I could tell everyone which high school in what midwestern state….

That and much more, I am sure. I am so glad discretion is your middle name. It flows quite well, actually…Kim Discretion…. Oh, yeah. Your mom knew what she was doin’ when she named you!

Thanks for your congrats. I have the same problem, my english is so bad and so I understand approx. 10%. Anyway I contacted the people. Its a volition, its a way. You understand what I mean ?

senfundkren–You are welcome! Thank you for your comment. I don’t know about a violation, because the only thing I understood in her post was “Congratulations, Kurt.” Sorry you had problems. Thanks for visiting!

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