Journeys–Trips with Falls

Hello bloggie friends! You *are* still my friends, aren’t you??
I have been distracted for a while, eh? Sorry about that,
Chief! (Bonus–who utters that masterful quote?) Well, I am back,
even if just for today. I went to Egypt and Israel and back…
great stories and photos to share someday soon…and now I am on
another trip, visiting my hometown.

Earlier, I visited Ree’s site and read some of the comments after
another one of her awesome “Name This Photo” contests. The winner
was very clever and quite adept at incorporating pop-culture
into her witty titles. This one was heavily influenced by a
favorite TV show of all time…The Dukes of Hazzard!

Ah, c’mon, how many of you wanted to be Daisy Duke? I know I
did…now I shudder…Anyway, one blogger with great knowledge
sent my world hurtling down by revealing the bumbling sheriff
isn’t actually named Rosco Pico Train. *sigh* The truth hurts.
He is actually named Rosco P. Coletrane. What a crash…I mean
Pico is a cool name…I’da stayed with that, myself.

So, that reminded me…just yesterday I was listening to an
older gentleman talk about some historical figures and family
members who had an impact upon his life. He specifically said,
“R. Ruitts influence our lives and are important to look back on
from time to time.” I was confused…not only by his deplorable
lack of grammar knowledge, but also because I had never heard of
this influential being named “R. Ruitts”. I leaned to my
husband and asked who this R. Ruitts was. He looked at me,
puzzled, and just repeated his name, R. Ruitts. I said, “Yes,
I know what his name is, but WHO is he? What did he do that we
should look back upon??” This went back and forth a bit–much to
my frustration and my husband’s amusement. Finally, he made
sweeping motions with his hands and enunciated carefully….

“O-U-R R-O-O-T-S!”

Ahhh, I guess I have been away from the midwest accents too
long, eh?

Be back soon! Have a great day and let me know what’s on
your mind! Have you ever misheard anything?? I would love
to hear from you!



Blanks, in case you couldn’t figure that one out.

I read my posted -er- posts and realized there was a chunk-a-somethin’ left out.  My computer must have hiccuped while I was publishing my AZ Statehood Day post, because a very important piece is MISSING.  (Dum, dum, da, duuuuummmm)  And here I am, back to fill in the _____________s!  (Didja get that one?  Refer to the first line….)

My husband and I are belatedly celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary by taking a trip with several friends to Egypt and Israel!  We are so excited!  And I am so incredibly unprepared!  So, I am doing the best thing possible to combat the unpreparedness…I am ignoring it all and BLOGGING!!!  Everybody say, “Yeah!”

We will be gone until March.  I am hoping to post some pictures and tales from our trip on here when we get home.  I am also hoping it won’t be similar to your Dear Aunt Bertha’s slideshow of her trip to Muskegon to get her corns removed by a vegetarian podiatrist.  Let’s just not go there, shall we?

You, know, I have developed procrastination to an art.  And like a lot of art you might have around for a while, it gets tiring and bothersome.  It needs to be switched around sometimes, right?  I want to switch it around–and put it in a back room somewhere.  Maybe later…after my trip…oh, here I go again!

See you when I get back!  Thanks for sticking around through my sporadic posts!

Okay, since I am going to be gone on this trip until March…I know, how will we survive without this brief and tenuous bond we have created?!?  Alack alas, we will have to hold to the memories we have in our hearts and etched onto the computer screen on this blog.  Waaaaiiiiiit, “etched”?  I’m thinking one of us needs a new monitor and needs to set some limits with our kids and their Hot Wheels!

Sooooo, stream of consciousness is still flowing, I see…no need to go digging for a spring…just dam it up and there’ll be enough consciousness to go ’round!

Anyway, I thought, since I would be gone for a while, now would be a great time to share another you tube video that a friend of mine put together.  It chronicles a rescue from the Grand Canyon.  My husband and two oldest children were there (you can see all of them in the video…I will leave it to your imaginations to match everyone up!) when the accident happened and throughout the rescue.  It’s a pretty quality video.

Do me a favor…if you like it, leave a comment here and go to the you tube page and leave a comment for the poster (he is the creator of the vid, too.

The injured party (of one) is still recuperating after all of this time.  She cannot put weight on that leg yet.  If any of you are inclined to pray, please remember her recovery in your prayers.  God has blessed her greatly so far, even in the rescue.

Thanks to all!  Hope to post again soon!


(with a nod to a friend who keeps prodding me to BLOG!)

Yes, today is Arizona Statehood Day…at least for a few more minutes. So, if you are tired of Valentine’s Day (which I am NOT) then celebrate Arizona Statehood Day! You can celebrate in any way you feel led–although, given this time of year in Arizona, something active and outdoorsy would be perfect! (Sorry to all of you in freeze conditions…we are having a great time here…check back in mid-summer and see how we’re doing!)

I have been away for quite a while…I know, I know! I never write; I never call–I have worried you sick, haven’t I? I am so very, truly sorry. I have been quite busy lately


****Hmmmm, interesting, and vaguely disturbing…I don’t know what happened here!  I had much more to this post and it VANISHED.  (Call in Columbo, pronto…I love that guy!  Or maybe Shawn Spenser–he’s funny on the previews, don’t know about the show, though.  I’ll stick with Columbo…pretend you are shlumpy and slow, then go in for the booking!)  So, I wrote another post to take the place of the missing piece…although it will never be gone from my heart…sniff, sniff.****

Now, back to your regularly scheduled blogramming….

Okay, I know this is probably horribly redundant, because everyone (or at least 7,374,803 people, approximately) has seen this youtube video, but I just HAD to post it.  I found it forever ago on *someone’s* blog I frequent.  I can’t remember whose blog it was, though.  I know Nan posts some great ones (like the freezing one I snagged a couple of days ago–sorry I didn’t credit you like I meant to!), but I didn’t find it on her site.  

Anyway, this is great men’s accapella group singing a…well, a holiday-type song.  Even though Christmas is past, this still is a great view.  Patience is not one of my claimed virtues, so I didn’t want to wait another 10 months to post this!  🙂

Thanks for watching!  Hope you enjoyed it!

American Heritage Dictionary eye·brow (ī’brou’) Pronunciation Key

  1. The bony ridge extending over the eye.
  2. The arch of short hairs covering this ridge.

(Nod to for the eloquent definition found at my fingertips.)

Now that we are all on the same page, as it were, about eyebrows…you can see how utterly ridiculous and truly trivial functional eyebrows are. I mean functional…what function do eyebrows have? To keep miscellaneous fuzzballs and dandruff from toppling from our head/hair/forehead/brow into our eyes? Ahh, that’s why I must clean the debris from my eyebrows each night. Once, I retrieved a Yellow-Billed Loon from my right eyebrow. I was lucky it hadn’t been there long enough to establish residency, or my eyebrow would have been put on a protected list and where would I be now? Not writing this blog entry, I can tell you that! Another highlight for eyebrow-wearers (lame pun intended) is eyebrows remind you (and those around you) of your true hair color. No matter how you may try to go incognito, your eyebrows (and your hairdresser) always know the truth. (Okay, you can be all fancy-schmancy and have your hairdresser “help” you with your brows…but you may want to rethink your position once you finish reading this missive….)

I have earthen-like eyebrows. I like to leave them in their natural state as much as possible to help keep the earth green, world peace, fight plaque & gingivitis, that sort of thing. I am also against unnecessary pain as it relates to me. If others would like to rip fully-grown hairs from their follicles, then more power to ’em, but it’s just not for me.

Unfortunately, in a weak moment, I succumbed to the words and ideology of a dear friend with immaculately-shaped-eyebrows-and-a-stunning-glow-about-her. She confided in me that my eyebrows needed work and if I didn’t take care of them, she was going to take matters into her own hands–one tiny hair at a time. As I said, it was a weak moment, and I thought shaping my brows might work out for me. I didn’t have a unibrow working or a virtual eyebrow halo/headband going on, but they could use a little “training”. So, at my next hair appointment, I decided to go for the eyebrow wax. I won’t go into the mechanics of eyebrow waxing…the slathering, rubbing, and ripping…but suffice it to say, I was glowing by the time she was done. After the radiance subsided, I really appreciated the fine arch of my brow and the way all of the hairs went in the same direction. I liked the sleekness and coiffed look my freshly waxed brows gave me. So it began…waxing at the salon periodically, because I still was too gutless to pluck and too nervous to try the do-it-yourself-waxing-kit.

One Spring day as I went to my hairdresser’s for a before Easter cut-n-style. (She didn’t call it that–I just love hyphens![and parentheses!]) My eyebrows were becoming a bit unruly, so I asked if she had time for a wax. Of course she did! She always had time for whatever I needed!

Well, here’s a tip. Visit a bit with your hairdresser before you let her loose with, oh, say HOT WAX near your eyebrows. I mean, letting her loose with scissors snipping at your hair during a crisis can be horrifying, but eyebrows! My poor hairdresser had had a terrible week. Kids with marital problems, rude employees, holiday stress–you name it, she had it. I listened to her as she cut–and cut–and cut–my hair (but that is another post). After my cut-n-almost-style, she led me to the waxing station and slathered a third of my face with hot wax…rub…rip…. Then, the most terrifying words–words you never want to hear from your hairdresser or your plastic surgeon–were uttered. “Oh, no.” Looooong pause. “Oh, my.” P-a-u-s-e. “Okay, it’s okay. Yes, we can fix this. Not a problem–no worries. Yes, we’ll just fix this.”

“FIX THIS??? Fix what????” My mind was reeling with the possibilities. Was the wax so hot I didn’t realize it had melted part of my face?? Did a chunk of my face come off on the rubbing paper? Did the “fixing” involve wearing my hair down, like a shroud over my face?

She led me to yet another station, this one mirrorless, probably called the “fix-it” corner. She rummaged through a display area for a moment, then turned bearing a long, thin pencil and proceeded to DRAW on my face! “Oh, yes, this is nice. No one can tell the difference. No, you are perfect!” She stepped back, smiled, and gave me a hand-held mirror so I could admire her work. The lady had left me with one and one-half eyebrows! My left eyebrow in its entirety only existed in my memory. Now, it was art–a pencil sketch, if you will. As I sat in awe, she presented me with a gift–a token of goodwill–the pencil used to create the masterpiece I now wore above my eyes.

So, unless you fully trust your hairdresser, or you are comfortable with a rebel-type wax job, or perhaps your hairdresser is an emotionally stable kind of person that doesn’t let life get in the way of his or her styling responsibilities, I would have an in-depth talk with your hairdresser about their life and assess if you really want any drastic changes.

Take it from me.

Eyebrows…meh…do they really matter?

This prank looks just too cool!

Thought you would enjoy it!

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