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Hey, all! I have decided that my two lives must stay separate in my blog world. I want my Journeys area to be free from the cacophony of couponing and freebies and giveaways. So, I have started a new blog specifically for my newest addiction….

Please, pop on over and tell me what you think. My stat counter is pretty low right now…uh, stagnate would be the proper term. 🙂

If there is an AWESOME deal that I cannot keep to myself, I will post a blurb referring you to the Chronicles of a Couponer site, but otherwise, you are safe from the savings.

I have become a coupon fanatic!!! And, I have to tell you, I love it. It is like a huge strategy game and even my 10 year old is enjoying it. It is a wonderful feeling to come home from the drugstore, arms heavy-laden with goods, knowing your out-of-pocket was equivalent to taking the kids out for a dollar meal at Mickey-Dee’s.

I also have become fond of giveaways…yes, I have won some wonderfully awesome items–books, clothing, jewelry, movies, etc. I am ashamed I have been hiding this bounty from all of you! But, NO MORE! In addition to the lively and entertaining monthly-ahem-posts you have been devouring, I will also share with you some of the great deals and giveaways I have found in other blogs.

Since I have been doing couponing-on-steroids for a couple-o-months, I have found that I don’t have NEARLY as much storage space as I once thought. Unfortunately, my 18 year old daughter really doesn’t want any feminine hygiene storage on her dresser, so I have to get creative…. We bought some shelves to put in the garage and I have been looking longingly at other storage options. Then, I found this WONDERFUL storage site that I want to share with you!!! It’s Fun with Food Storage and has already helped me with storage/organizing ideas. Check it out when you have a chance!

Until next time….


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