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Blanks, in case you couldn’t figure that one out.

I read my posted -er- posts and realized there was a chunk-a-somethin’ left out.  My computer must have hiccuped while I was publishing my AZ Statehood Day post, because a very important piece is MISSING.  (Dum, dum, da, duuuuummmm)  And here I am, back to fill in the _____________s!  (Didja get that one?  Refer to the first line….)

My husband and I are belatedly celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary by taking a trip with several friends to Egypt and Israel!  We are so excited!  And I am so incredibly unprepared!  So, I am doing the best thing possible to combat the unpreparedness…I am ignoring it all and BLOGGING!!!  Everybody say, “Yeah!”

We will be gone until March.  I am hoping to post some pictures and tales from our trip on here when we get home.  I am also hoping it won’t be similar to your Dear Aunt Bertha’s slideshow of her trip to Muskegon to get her corns removed by a vegetarian podiatrist.  Let’s just not go there, shall we?

You, know, I have developed procrastination to an art.  And like a lot of art you might have around for a while, it gets tiring and bothersome.  It needs to be switched around sometimes, right?  I want to switch it around–and put it in a back room somewhere.  Maybe later…after my trip…oh, here I go again!

See you when I get back!  Thanks for sticking around through my sporadic posts!

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