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Okay, since I am going to be gone on this trip until March…I know, how will we survive without this brief and tenuous bond we have created?!?  Alack alas, we will have to hold to the memories we have in our hearts and etched onto the computer screen on this blog.  Waaaaiiiiiit, “etched”?  I’m thinking one of us needs a new monitor and needs to set some limits with our kids and their Hot Wheels!

Sooooo, stream of consciousness is still flowing, I see…no need to go digging for a spring…just dam it up and there’ll be enough consciousness to go ’round!

Anyway, I thought, since I would be gone for a while, now would be a great time to share another you tube video that a friend of mine put together.  It chronicles a rescue from the Grand Canyon.  My husband and two oldest children were there (you can see all of them in the video…I will leave it to your imaginations to match everyone up!) when the accident happened and throughout the rescue.  It’s a pretty quality video.

Do me a favor…if you like it, leave a comment here and go to the you tube page and leave a comment for the poster (he is the creator of the vid, too.

The injured party (of one) is still recuperating after all of this time.  She cannot put weight on that leg yet.  If any of you are inclined to pray, please remember her recovery in your prayers.  God has blessed her greatly so far, even in the rescue.

Thanks to all!  Hope to post again soon!


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